$1,000,000 Sweepstakes – Hunt For The Money

September 13, 2008

Hello out there world, How are you ll doing today? Good I hope. At least that is if your not in the Houston or Galveston Texas, I certainly hope that there are not a great deal of people injured from this massive weather system. It is stunning to see the size and magnitude of it all. We should all try to think positively and hope for the best for the people that decided to ride out the storm as well as those who evacuated.

Well everyone, as the title says, I have just come across a huge online sweepstakes offer. This is a $1,000,000 online sweepstakes offer. The online contest offer is entitled: Hunt For The Money, the company running this online sweepstakes contest is well known so it should be legitimate. This time of year there are a great deal of new online sweepstakes offers and online contests being held by various companies as they try to make a big publicity smash going into the big holiday season.

So as I have mentioned, here is the link for this $1,000,000 online sweepstakes offer. Just click on the following banner to go to the online contest website:


This Blog Will Be Updated Periodically During Each Week

September 12, 2008

As the title states above, I will be updating this blog during each week. I am not positive at this point how often each week it will be updated as I do not want to post every freebie offer, sweepstakes and contests form and also discountsthat I come across. I only want to post freebie offers, sweepstakes and contest forms and discounts that I actually either know to be real and legitimate or I have it on good authority. Please bookmark this website and place it in your favorites folder so that you may be able to find it again with ease. I would encourage all of you to check back with this periodically each week so that you can see what freebie offers and sweepstakes and contests forms as well as little known discounts I have added to this blog. I intend on having other posts besides just the typical ones that cover the three areas that my blog is named for. Thank you for visiting this blog, please don’t forget to bookmark this blog and check back during the week. Have an absolutely wonderful day!hit counter

Free $1,000 Gas Card

September 12, 2008

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 I couldn’t afford to go anywhere because after spending so much on gas, by the time I got anywhere I would have just enough time to sleep in my car because I could afford a room. Then I’d try to find some nuts or a fruit tree because I could not afford any food, well your getting the picture of what an attempt at a vacation would have looked like for me. However hopefully some of you can avoid all of that if you can take advantage of getting a $1,000 Free Gas Card from this company. Thank about it this way, if you missed your holiday this season because of the outrageously high gas prices, then at least if you are able to obtain a $1,000 free gas card now, you can make it up with a nice relaxing weekend getaway next season. Oh come on, it won’t be that long 🙂 (At least that’s what I keep repeating to myself in my head, lol) To Attempt to get a $1,000 free gas card Click Here free hit counters